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PATRICIA PRIEBE-SWANSON is a self-taught artist who began to paint in 2001 after moving to the Capitol Reef National Park area. The Red Rock Country of southern Utah is Pat’s inspiration and she utilizes watercolor and ink to capture the detail, pattern, and color of this landscape.

JIM STEWART has tried to immerse himself in the world’s culture and art and as a result, his influences range far and wide. He attempts to modify and contextualize this material into something interesting and original. In his ceramics, he has developed three general directions: decorations over or under the glaze, low relief manipulation of the clay surface, and textured naturalistic surfaces.

RON NOLTE began making furniture for himself and friends but more recently has decided to pursue his designs full time. He makes all his pieces in his workshop in Woods Cross, Utah, and many of the woods he chooses are harvested locally and acclimated to Utah’s dry environment.

LAURA BOARDMAN was raised in the American West, surrounded by red rock, alpine meadows and big sky. Her paintings focus on land and sky, with an emphasis on color, climate, weather patterns, and cloud formations - hoping to engage you the viewer with the beauty and fragility of nature.